How To Start Your Own Juice Bar Business

Whitney Bingham
Roxberry Marketing Team
29 July 2019

Juice bars and smoothie shops are all the rage right now, and with good reason. Juice bars not only appeal to the health-conscious but also to those just looking for great food on the run.

There are many steps to ensure that your time and money invested in your smoothie business will reap rewards. To start you will want to:

  1. Study your Demographics and Demand in your area. There are lots of great places that can help with this.
  2. Next, you will need to create your Business Plan. Creating a business plan will help you to secure the financing you will need to purchase equipment and products as well as secure a space for your store.
  3. Source your Product. Since you will want to get high-quality ingredients and do so for the best price possible you will need to seek out options for vendors of the products you will be using to make your juice and smoothies in the store. You will also need to sample the quality of each vendor and weigh that against the cost. This is one of the most important steps because the quality of the end product will create your reputation but your produce will also be your biggest ongoing expense. Once you are set up and running changing vendors can be a big hassle.
  4. Choose a Location. Your location needs to be in an area that is easily accessible for your patrons and typically gets plenty of foot traffic. While you are just starting out your reputation will likely not be strong enough to pull people into an out of the way location. Make sure also that you carefully consider what other businesses or food purveyors you will be near.
  5. Create your Menu. Choose a strong base of products in flavors that will appeal to the masses and be sure to add a few “specialties” to your store. You want enough that there is something for everyone but not so many options that your team has 100 recipes to learn and you have to keep tons of produce on hand to fill items that are seldom ordered.
  6. Plan a Launch. Make sure that you are ready to unveil your new creation and promote it with a solid launch. Be sure to get the message out about your launch using various different methods. Getting cashflow early on will help you ride out some of the ups and downs that are inevitable when it comes to starting any business from scratch.
  7. Market your Business. Make sure that you have a plan ready so that post-launch you are bringing in customers regularly. This should encompass digital media such as social media and online advertising as well as traditional media such as flyers and in-store promotions. Making a calendar of events and promotions will help you to stay in front of your customers and help to raise awareness for your store.

In order to make sure your juice or smoothie bar is successful you need to be on top of all these moving parts. Being great in one area while completely ignoring another is sure to bring failure. When it comes to opening a business it is important to develop a business system that ensures your investment is returned on.

If you are looking to open a juice or smoothie bar you may be interested in looking into a Roxberry Juice Co. franchise. Purchasing a franchise means that many of the factors listed above are completely or partially taken care of for you. For example, all the systems for operations, marketing, sourcing, and menu creation are ready to roll out. You also get the experience and coaching from other franchisees as well as our fantastic corporate team.

If you want to not only open a juice or smoothie bar but want to open a SUCCESSFUL juice or smoothie bar contact us today to see what else the Roxberry Support Team can provide for you.


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