The Power of Green Juice

Whitney Bingham
Roxberry Marketing Team
5 September 2019

Our fast-paced lifestyles often lead to less than stellar choices when it comes to what we eat. Grabbing a burger or other quick drive-thru item can be quick and inexpensive as we rush from place to place, but what toll is that taking on our energy and our bodies as a whole? The old saying you are what you eat is more true than most people ever consider. One quick and easy way to add a powerful punch of good for you stuff is through green juice. Green juice has become a global buzzword for many reasons. Besides the gorgeous Instagram-worthy color green juice

Green juice is so powerful because it allows you to pack way more nutrients into a serving than you ever could just eating the raw fruits and veggies alone. Imagine eating 1 cup of spinach, 1 leaf of kale, ½ a lemon, a whole 5-inch cucumber, 1½ celery sticks and 4 whole apples in one sitting!! That’s more fresh fruit and vegetables than most people consume in an entire week and you get all the nutrients from that in just one Power Green pressed Juice. Talk about getting in major nutrients in a single serving!!

Getting your nutrients in juice form also allows your body to easily absorb all the goodness you just consumed. Because many of us have impaired digestion due to many years of bad food and beverage choices our bodies can struggle to breakdown and absorb all of the healthy foods that we put in. Green juice, on the other hand, is already broken down and thus can be readily absorbed by the bloodstream and immediately get to work.

Juicing is a great way to get foods that you normally prefer not to eat into your system as well. Many of us aren’t aware that the reason we dislike certain fruits or vegetables isn’t so much the taste as it is the texture, so juicing them completely takes any texture issues out right away. If the taste is what keeps you from enjoying what is good for you, mixing it with other flavors in a juice helps make it more palatable as well.

The thought of making green juice at home doesn’t excite even the most health-conscious. Between the purchasing, washing, and preparing of all the needed ingredients to make just one serving of green juice is definitely enough to keep many from even attempting it.

For those that are brave, the costly equipment or memory of beet stained hands is a definite motivation killer. Luckily green juice is available in many forms easily accessible to the average consumer. One thing to consider when you are thinking of purchasing a green juice is what is actually in it.

Many brands have found a way to bottle green juice that has a long shelf life by adding preservatives and additives to the end product. Make sure that you are getting real, fresh green juice to maximize the health benefits. All the juices you will get at Roxberry Juice Co. are pressed fresh to order so you know that what you are getting is the real deal in green juice.


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